Sunday, October 20, 2013

Kosen-Rufu - The Waterfall That Nurtures The Universe

As one begins to practice, for whatever reasons one takes up Nichiren Buddhism, it is most important that his hand is held tightly by the group.

For though the group in its divine intention of facilitating Kosen-rufu, much emphasis is placed on tranquility, harmony and happiness as the benefits of chanting and eventually receiving one’s own Gohonzon.

However, Kosen-rufu is a perpetual waterfall of effort to be exerted by each of us – to give back, equally, what we have taken for ourselves and pass on the gifts of Nichiren Buddhism.

When we chant to the Gohonzon, we chant for balance within ourselves, despite whatever desire we may pretend we need fulfilled. So too, when we introduce people to Nichiren Buddhism, we must take care that we educate that the path toward this happiness and tranquility that we promise is accomplished by the untying and re-tying of the knots of karma we have been weaving through the millennia.

First, there will come clarity to the new Nichiren Buddhist that faithfully chants Diamoku and Gongyo morning and night. And then immediately their faith will be tested. It is most important at this time, as they first begin to practice, that we teach the beginner the cycles of the ten worlds, so that they may recognize the blessings of what they will otherwise perceive as new hardships along with what they will also perceive as coincidental blessings.

The effects of previous causes, many from previous lifetimes as well, are without question - inescapable and must be experienced – must be lived through – crossed like a raging river so that new causes can be made for new effects to be enjoyed by all.

Kosen-rufu is not merely a recruiting tool. Faith, study and practice will hold the beginner fast in their new life of recognition of the Gohonzon within themselves.

We must remember that Kosen-rufu is for all – the beginner as well as the long time practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism, support, love and encourage each other inside and outside of the group. It is in this way we can be most devout and nurture the universe through our Gohonzon – i.e. our true Buddha Nature.

Copyright 2013 Robert Stanford all rights reserved.