Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Galloping Toward Enlightenment

With each repetition of the chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, a vow is affirmed to avail one’s self to the simplicity that is the oneness of all that exists within the universe. A surrender of one’s self importance is affirmed.
Through the reflective power of the Gohonzon and by chanting daimoku solely for the sake of venerating the Lotus Sutra, a safe haven is provided in which the ego may be integrated at a natural, healthy and positive pace. The ten worlds of embodiment of Ichinen Sanzen begin to each respectively come into proper phase, with or without the realization of their individual and constant existence within all things, affecting all causes that ever were, are or ever will be throughout the universe, comprising three thousand realms.
A thousand realms within us as an individual entity, a thousand realms of affectation by our own causes in all other living beings, and a thousand realms of affectation in all other things outside of what we perceive as living beings – i.e. the environment.
The rhythmic chanting of daimoku combined with astute attention to the Gohonzon as a mandala precludes any perceived necessity for concentration or prayer for transient benefits, including chanting for one’s own, or another’s health or happiness. Chanting for nothing more than to avail one’s self to the Mystic Law: Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, which is one and the same as the Lotus Sutra.
Faith, hope and courage, also being transient things, will be needed less and less as this method is practiced. As the inconspicuous benefits that will become manifest within you will eventually bring your consciousness to a state of knowing the Mystic Law without the need for understanding.
Morality will no longer need to be an instruction to be received outside of yourself or a decision to be made within, as the ten worlds of embodiment become more and more regulated.
The need to “think through” or “figure out” trauma, negatively misplaced ideals of one’s self and other perceived emotional shortcomings will no longer be necessary as the balance and harmony of the ten worlds of embodiment begin to balance themselves, support each other and together radiate their inherent life forces as one.
As the Lotus Sutra.
As the Gohonzon.
As Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.
Three thousand realms in a single moment.
A single moment of limitless potentiality, because this single moment is eternal as time is a collectively created illusion, as is all transient things throughout the universe.
There is no space.
There is no time.
To practice Nichiren Buddhism in this way is likened to looking into the Quabbalic abyss. To remove the labels of good and evil from all that we perceive within ourselves is the challenge, because in doing so, we truly face ourselves. However, through venerating the Gohonzon by disciplined, unselfish chanting of daimoku to the Gohonzon, that we accept as a reflection of our true Buddha nature, we have no need to agonize, fear or stress over this process, as the changes within us will be natural, healthy and positive, as one would expect, as their true Buddha nature is awakened on a level infinitely vast.
As one’s Buddhahood awakens, one finds that one may own without being owned. That happiness is just as necessary as sadness, as well as suffering being necessary for growth. Not just in one’s self, but in all living beings.
One’s struggles and problems will not so much dissipate, as much as solutions will become increasingly clear. Not with understanding but with the pre-existing, inherent knowledge within you, that will become ever increasingly apparent as your true Buddha nature awakens to the ultimate realization that all things are transient. The only thing that is eternal in this single moment of existence is love.
Copyright 2014 Robert Stanford all rights reserved.